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Yes, WMU has great programs and respected faculty who teach their own classes, but just as important to your success is a vibrant community in which to learn and grow. Western Michigan University is home to more than 25,000 students from more than 88 countries. And WMU is located in the thriving city of Kalamazoo, home to a robust pharmaceutical and biotech industry, a thriving art and music scene, great restaurants, and festivals. It's also close to home for anyone living in southwestern Michigan, a two-hour drive from the cultural and professional opportunities of Chicago, and just over 30 minutes from the shores of Lake Michigan.

Why does that matter? Because people learn better when they're happy and involved. And they're happier when they're surrounded by the perfect balance of people just like them and people who are nothing like them. Think about it:

You'll never be at a loss for fun things to do, or interesting new friends to do them with.