Global Ambassadors

Global Ambassadors Competition and Scholarships

The Global Ambassador Scholarship offers potential funding toward study abroad opportunities, along with required on-campus volunteer requirements tied to global engagement activities. $180,000 in scholarships is available annually for study abroad at WMU.

Studying abroad helps individuals develop cross-cultural skills, provides alumni with an advantage in the job market upon graduation, and cultivates life-long learning. 

Winners of these scholarships will be determined by an application, an interactive competition and a reflection essay and will be awarded a fully-funded pre-freshman study abroad course, funds for a future study abroad trip through WMU or both. 

Two scholarship levels

Global Ambassador Diplomat

  • 15 students will be awarded two scholarships as Global Ambassador Diplomats and receive a pre-freshman study abroad course in the Dominican Republic during the summer II session, prior to beginning at WMU.
  • Additionally, Diplomats will earn $10,000 toward a later study abroad for those who choose to study abroad for one semester or longer, or $3,000 for those who choose a short-term program.

Global Ambassador Representative 

  • $1,000 award toward a WMU study abroad program fee will be awarded to students selected to participate in the on-campus competition (who are not selected as Global Ambassador Diplomats) to use their sophomore through senior year.
  • For domestic first-time, full-time freshman students entering fall 2017
  • Students must be admitted to WMU to receive award. 
  • Up to 100 eligible students will be invited to compete; students must participate in the on-campus competition on November 11, 2016 
  • Students must be 18 to participate in the pre-freshman course and any study abroad program at WMU (at the time of travel); however, students can still apply for the scholarship if they are under 18. 



The following items need to be submitted by Friday, October 7, 2016:

  • Complete admissions application file (application, high school transcript, ACT/SAT scores, and application fee or approved fee waiver)
  • Complete scholarship application (through the Broncos Abroad system), including short essay questions and video. View application directions and tips file


  • October 7, 2016: Admissions materials and scholarship application due.
  • End of October: Eligible students invited to compete will be notified.
  • November 11, 2016: Competition will be held on the same day as an open house.
  • December 2016: Global Ambassador Diplomat scholarship winners will be selected and notified via phone by this date.