Multicultural Leader Scholarship Program

Thank you to all 2014 Multicultural Leader Scholarship Competition Participants! The selection committee has now contacted all 50 selected MLS recipients. Participants will receive a letter with details regarding their award status.

The Multicultural Leader Scholarship program is a scholarship opportunity for students from select high schools. Qualifying students are invited to WMU to compete for one of approximately 50 MLS awards, each totaling $16,000 ($4,000 per year for four years). Students who participate in the competition but are not awarded the MLS will be awarded the Diversity Scholarship, a one-time $1,000 award.

MLS recipients will automatically become part of the Martin Luther King Jr. Academy which offers academic and social support. The MLK Academy also encourages students to be active in diversity and multiculturalism on campus as well as in the Kalamazoo community.