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Graduate Assistantships available for the 2015-16 academic year!
Application deadline: January 26 by 5 p.m.

Who’s Who Nomination Form 2015!
Nomination deadline: Friday, February 6

Getting Started

You want to start a new group on campus… that's great! All the links you'll need to register your group are located on the Student Activities and Leadership Programs homepage. If further assistance is needed, please contact the Registered Student Organization Development Advisor. Email RSO advisor or call (269) 387-2476.

  1. Log in to the GoWMU portal using your BroncoNet ID and password.
  2. Click on the GoRSO button located in the top-right side of the page between “Elearning” and “Groups.”
  3. Click on the tab labeled “Organizations” and click the “Register” button on the left side of the page under “Register a New Organization.”
  4. Please read all of the instructions carefully before beginning the registration process.
  5. Fill in all fields with information fitting for your group.
    • Name of organization cannot begin with any derivative of WMU (ex: WMU Cool Cats) or contain of WMU (ex: Cool Cats of WMU). It can, however, read: Cool Cats at WMU.
    • Description: What is the goal of your group? This is typically the group’s mission statement.
    • Acronym/nickname is typically a two or three letter acronym (ex: CC)
    • Email: If your organization has its own, add it here. If you’d like to request a BroncoNet ID to start an RSO email account that can be done once your group is approved. Leave blank for the time being.
    • External website: If your organization has its own, add it here. If you’d like to request webspace and a URL for your RSO that can be done once your group is approved. Leave blank for the time being.
    • Web site key: This is a one word phrase that sets your profile apart from all other RSOs. It can consist of one-word or a series of letters with no spaces.
    • Contact information: If your organization has a specific address, phone number, etc. that you would like to list, please fill out this section. Otherwise, leave it blank.
    • Categories: How would you like your group categorized (this helps prospective members narrow their search)?
    • Interests: What interests might your organization pair with (this helps prospective members narrow their search)?
    • Roster: All RSOs must provide a roster with the names of four active, student members. One person must be designated as the treasurer/chief financial officer to be approved, all others must be listed as members. Once approved, you can create position names for all members.
    • Upload constitution
  6. Click "Submit for Approval."
  7. The message "Registration submission has submitted successfully" will appear. You will receive an email confirmation that it has been submitted.

RSO handbook

A guide and resource for all RSOs, the handbook contains all pertinent policies and procedures related to creating and maintaining a student organization. The RSO handbook has been updated for the 2012-2013 academic year.