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Leaders in Action Certificate Program

The Student Activities and Leadership Programs office offers several year-long certificate opportunities at Western Michigan University. The Leaders in Action Certificate Program offers certificate opportunities at three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. The leadership training is applicable to all majors, from engineering to education and finance to fine arts.

Leaders in Action Bronze Logo

Bronze Certificate

The Bronze Certificate provides the foundation for students to be a great leader by developing their skills and identifying their interests. This will help students become more self-aware of their leadership style, which will allow them to become a better leader. Participants will be matched with a peer mentor to guide them through the certificate.

Leaders in Action Silver Logo

Silver Certificate

The Silver Certificate builds upon the Bronze Certificate by using Strengths to be a leader in an organization. It also gives students the opportunity to engage in conversations on leadership with other student leaders. Participants will be matched with a SALP staff sponsor who will guide them through the certificate.

Leaders in Action Gold Logo

Gold Certificate

The Gold Certificate is the highest level certificate that is awarded to student leaders. It requires having completed both the Bronze and Silver Certificates. Through participation in the Gold Certificate Learning Community and completion of the legacy project, students will leave their mark in their organization and on campus.


Students who interested in participating in one of the leadership certificates can contact Kate Bates or Mary Cantor directly.

All students must complete the Bronze Leadership Certificate before they can participate in the Silver and Gold Leadership Certificates, respectively.

Kate Bates, Associate Director
(269) 387-2182

Mary Cantor, Graduate Assistant for Leadership and Volunteer Programs
(269) 387-2565