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Here are testimonials from current fraternity and sorority members. Learn about their background, their passion for their chapter, and what they have taken from their experience!

davidName: David Bellomy
Major: Mechanical engineering
Class Standing: Senior

 There are a number of valid reasons for why I sought out the opportunity to become a member of a Greek organization, but there were several that really drew me to my organization. The opportunity to become a part of an organization that has a legacy of "achievement in every field of human endeavor" and whose goals and objectives matched my own perfectly played a huge role in my pursuit of becoming Greek. But the one thing that entice me most about pursuing the opportunity to become a member of a Fraternity was the brotherhood. The idea that by becoming a member of a national organization I would gain a brotherhood and bond that would cast a network of opportunities and relationships that could reach around the world is one that I could not pass up. Since I have made the decision to become a member of a Greek organization I have had so many doors of opportunity fling wide open for me, and I am convinced that becoming Greek was one of the best decisions I have made in my life.


Name: Derricka Caldwell
Major: Psychology
Class standing: Senior

Greek life is about being a part of something bigger than yourself.¬† It's about standing up for the principles or values most important to you. It doesn’t matter what letters you wear, what matters is how you represent them. The best part about Greek life is helping others. When you know you made a difference in the community or on campus or maybe to just one single person, all the work you've done is worth it. Some people have a negative view about Greek life, a stigma that it's all a bunch of fun and games but that's because it's difficult to see the inner workings unless you are a part of it. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication and patience but in the end it is all worth it.


PeterName: Peter Carpenter
Major: Music Therapy
Class Standing: Sophomore

My Greek experience brings balance into my life. It teaches me fundamental life skills that I do not get through a music curriculum. Being Greek gives me the tools to tackle any challenge that might come my way. I have many regrets in life, but going Greek was not one of them.



LaurenFull name: Lauren Murray
Major: Elementary Eduction & Early Childhood Education with a minor in math and science.
Class Standing: Senior

Being a part of Greek life at WMU has not only changed my college experience but changed my life. Nowhere else would you meet amazing women that would shape the person you become. The amount of confidence I have gained in myself is indescribable. Sorority life at WMU provides you with a support system you cannot replace and once in a life time experience. These experiences not only teach you how to react in everyday situations but also how to handle yourself in a professional setting. After 3 years of holding leadership positions I can honestly say I will use what I have learned from my success and failures when entering the "real world".