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WMU Chemistry Department - Stockroom Manager (Closes 1/25/2013)


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Chem-Able Matching Grant Program

Are you…
- an unemployed or underemployed chemical professional?
- trying to enter the chemistry workforce?

The Chem-Able matching grant program sponsored by the Kalamazoo Section of the American Chemical Society might help. The purpose of a Chem-Able grant is to assist chemical professionals and students in obtaining training or experience to improve chances of employment or re-employment.

Look for program details at http://www.wmich.edu/acs/Jobs/Chem-Able.pdf and download an application form at http://www.wmich.edu/Jobs/Chem-Able_application.pdf.

Donate to support the Chem-Able Matching Grant: KACSGrants@gmail.com

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