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for Accounts Receivable and Cashiering

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Authorized User Questions

Q. How do I grant access to my parent to view my account?

Answer Using your Bronco NetID and password students can grant access to parents or others at

  1. Click on the "Add Authorized Users" tab.
  2. Click Add Authorized User at the bottom of the page, then enter the email address of the person you have chosen to be an Authorized User.
  3. Indicate a Yes or No to each area you wish to allow or not allow access for this user.
  4. Click Continue button.
  5. Read the agreement, and then check "I Agree". Then click Continue
Q. How will my parent or authorized user know they have access to my information?

Answer The authorized user will receive an email message from informing them they have been granted access to your account and given the web address. A separate email will be sent with a temporary password.

Q. What is the web address for parents/authorized users to access student accounts?
Q. What if my parent or authorized user forgets their password?

Answer They can go to the site,, and have the password emailed to them.

Q. How can the authorized user's email address be changed?

Answer The student will need to sign in using their Bronco NetID and password through GoWMU. The student will need to select the Payment and Account Information channel, then click on the “Authorized User" tab and select the authorized user to be deleted. You can then add an authorized user with the new email address.

Q. Will my parent or authorized user receive an email when a new tuition invoice or statement is available?

Answer Your parent or authorized user will receive an email from when a new tuition invoice or monthly statement is available.