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Frequently Asked Questions

for Accounts Receivable and Cashiering

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Miscellaneous Questions

Q. How do I find my Western Identification Number (WIN #)?

Answer Using your Bronco NetID and password your WIN # may be obtained at Select the Payment and Account Information channel, then under "My Account" select the "My Profiles" tab.

Q. What is a HOLD and how do I remove one from my student account?

Answer Holds are placed on student accounts when University charges have not been paid. A hold will prevent registration for classes, release of a transcript or diploma. To remove the hold from your student account you must pay the amount due. Please direct inquiries to the number associated with the hold.

Q. How do I get the A1 (Payment Agreement Required) hold released?

AnswerYou will need to clear all other holds. You can then obtain the A1 form by clicking on Registration, then Course Registration and select the term you want to register for. The form will pop up. Read, complete, and e-sign the form.