Negotiation Updates - May 12, 2014

Dear Campus Colleagues:

Contract negotiations between Western Michigan University and the WMU-AAUP faculty bargaining unit got underway with an opening introductory session April 17.

Negotiations resumed with second and third sessions May 6 and 8. The initial schedule calls for negotiating sessions to take place each week on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. As the talks progress, additional hours may be added to the schedule.

The University bargaining team and the WMU administration are committed to negotiations that are civil, respectful, thoughtful and productive. The goal of the talks is to develop a contract that will be fair and enhance both the academic well being of our students and the campus work environment for our faculty. We also believe it is critical that as talks progress, both parties be accurate and transparent in communicating their respective positions to constituents and the University community at large.

To that end, Western intends to provide periodic communications throughout the summer on the progress being made toward an agreement that can go into effect when the current three-year contract ends Sept. 6.

A link to each update will be shared with you when it is posted on an Academic Collective Bargaining website. All updates will be archived online for easy reference. The site also will include contact information for the WMU team members along with details of any changes to scheduled bargaining sessions.

To date, ground rules for conducting the negotiations have been agreed to by both parties. In addition, the negotiating teams have shared the articles that they will open and/or reserve the right to open. We look forward to sharing information and engaging in productive dialogue throughout this process.

  • Nancy Mansberger, Director of Academic Collective Bargaining and Contract Administration
  • Johnathan Bush, Chair, English
  • Steven Butt, Chair, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Daniel Guyette, Dean, College of Fine Arts
  • Kay Palan, Dean, Haworth College of Business
  • Jan Van Der Kley, Vice President of Business and Finance