Photo of Randy Ott
Director, Center for Academic Success Programs
(269) 387-4411
Photo of Stephanie  Armstrong
Office Associate, Center for Academic Success Programs
(269) 387-4411
Photo of Kim Ballard
Director, Writing Center
(269) 387-4446
Photo of Joyce Busch
Military Advocate, Office of Military and Veterans Affairs
(269) 387-0742
Photo of Billy Clayton
Military Outreach and Recruitment Coordinator
(269) 387-4444
Photo of Marilyn  Duke
Director, Academic Resource Center
(269) 387-4445
Photo of Thalia Guerra-Flores
TRiO Academic Services Coordinator
(269) 387-4449
Photo of Walter Malone
Director, Alpha Program
(269) 387-4426
Photo of Richard McMullen
Director, Exploratory Advising
(269) 387-4414
Photo of John Scott
Coordinator of Marketing and Public Relations
(269) 387-4455
Photo of Nathifa Sligh
TRiO Academic Services Coordinator
(269) 387-2724
Photo of Shawn  Tenney
Director, Service-Learning
(269) 387-2139
Photo of Marianna Vorva
Office Associate
(269) 387-4403
Photo of Deanna  Welter
Exploratory Academic Advisor
(269) 387-3331