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Below is a list of YouTube videos that focus on various issues and topics surrounding Millennials and 21st century teaching.

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Managing Millennials

Description of who the Millennials are including definition of the generation and characteristics.  Geared toward veteran, baby boomer, and gen x managers who need to understand this population.


Millennials:  The New Brand of Creatives

Showcases Millennials discussing how technology (laptops, cell phones, emails and text messaging) influences their lives.  Discussion focuses on how the Millennials are using technology and ideas of whether technology is necessary today.


Millennial Generation by Motorola Media Center

This video discusses:  what technological advances Millennials want, what media mobility is to them, their thoughts on parents eliciting help from their children for technology issues or fixes, and what the future of technology in their eyes.


Millennials Study  Captures Snapshot of Young America

A look at how the millennial generation fit into the political and economic spectrum.  The Pew Center’s Paul Taylor and Amanda Lenhart discuss aspects of this study.


Teaching in the 21st Century

This video is geared toward educators and asking if they are prepared to teach 21st century student.  It also addresses how millennial students differ and the changing needs of this population.


Generation WE

Video talks about characteristics of millennials or the “WE Generation”.  The size and importance of voting rights and potential political influence, education, health, life expectancy, problems and issues, economics, environment, etc.  The focus is on the youth changing the USA outlook.


Generational Issues in Teaching and Advising

This is a lengthy podcast describing the characteristics of the four different generations existing on the Missouri State University campus.  The influences on each generation including political influences, historical events, etc. are discussed.  This also talks about challenges and opportunities for teachers and advisors who work with Millennial students.


Rethinking Education

The focus is on information technology and the influences to higher education and how it the information is organized.


Education Today and Tomorrow

This video shows the differences in the classrooms over time and how information and technology is shaping education today


21st Century Pedagogy

Discussion of developing a new pedagogical “DNA” to break from the past and effectively teach in schools in the 21st century.


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