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The Millennial Project is a comprehensive and sustained examination of the learning styles and educational needs of our youngest generation of student who were born in 1985 or later. The primary purpose is to generate recommendations on the most effective strategies for helping “millennial generation” students achieve their educational goals. The project seeks to generate dialogue across campus on ways to address millennial student learning needs and increase the millennial friendly academic culture at Western Michigan University.

Read the full 2009-2010 Final Report here

The Steering Committee

The steering committee is comprised of various faculty, staff and students who have a vested interested in success of students at WMU.

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Task groups were formed to focus inquiry in substantive areas and generate specific recommendations. Each group’s goals are described below.

Teaching Practices, Learning Efficacy, and Technology (TePLET)

Staff and Parent Communication

Navigating BroncoLand

Contact us.

E-mail: wmu-millennial@wmich.edu

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