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The WMU Millennial Project and the Office of Faculty Development are working closely together to provide resources to help faculty better understand the learning styles of the Millennial generation. These resources are being developed by the Millennial Project task group for Teaching Practices, Learning Efficacy and Technology (TePLET) which includes Andrea Beach, Director of Faculty Development.

Task group for Teaching, Learning Efficacy & Technology (TePLET)

The major purpose is to identify and share teaching practices used by WMU faculty that are effective with millennial students and advance WMU’s role as a “millennial friendly” student-centered institution. Goals, resources, and time lines were developed. These goals are centrally located in the Office of Faculty Development (OFD).

Task Group Roster


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Office of Faculty Development

The Millennial Project Steering Committee advocates for the use of the Office of Faculty Development to learn more about teaching Millennial Students

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