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Kevin Abbot, Millennial Project steering committee member, Office of Information Technology staff member and part-time instructor for the School of Communication is leading a group of faculty, staff and students to develop a web-based video game called Navigating BroncoLand (working title).

Project Steering Committee Roster

    Early Beta Screenshot

    Early beta screenshot

    Navigating BroncoLand is aimed toward prospective and incoming freshmen students to help them connect with campus in a new and fun way while teaching them essential skills necessary to connect with the university and be successful during their first year.  Though BroncLand students will be able to navigate though a true-to-life 3D replica of Western Michigan University before even stepping foot on campus during orientation. As they move throughout campus in this 3D world they will learn more about each building and play mini-games that will teach them how to find essential resources and student services.

    Navigating BroncoLand will be made available in two versions, Guided Tour and Game. Guided Trou will include a “on rails”, automated tour where Buster Bronco drives you around on a WMU-themed golf cart. In Guided Tour you can also take control of the golf cart yourself in Free Exploration Mode. The full Game version of BroncoLand will include the same 3D campus but will add interactive mini-games and your own custom residence hall room in which you will start your adventure.

    The Guided Tour version is expected to be available in this spring and the full game version this fall.

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