Faculty Senate applauds Millennial Project

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Bob Wertkin and Kevin Abbott presented to the WMU Faculty Senate last night. Bob summarized the successes of the project and its future asĀ  it explores the impact of the upcoming generation of students beyond Millennials. The new name for the group, he said, will include “21st Century”.

Kevin presented the latest beta build of the much anticipated BroncoLand Tour which will be presented to a select group of students, faculty and staff for feedback before it is released to the public. BroncoLand Tour will provide students with the option of taking a guided virtualĀ  tour of WMU, hosted by Buster Bronco and Goldie the Golf Cart or a a self-guided tour in which the individual can take control of Goldie and wheel around campus to explore on their own.

BroncoLand Tour is part one of a two-part project. Part two will be a fully-fledged BroncoLand game in which prospective and current students will, with their own custom avatar, live in and explore campus life on their own to build a personal relationship with campus and learn more about the every-day life of a college student. Students will be presented with tasks in game form that will present them with virtual challenges much like those that they will experience when they arrive on campus, ultimately increasing their real-life success.Fore more information about BroncoLand please visit the Projects section of this web page.

Bob Wertkin extends a thank you to all who were able to attend the Faculty Senate presentation.

To learn more about the Millennial Project Steering Committee its sub-committees please visit the About section of this web page.

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